Boult Vs Boat

Boult Vs Boat Which is Better? Let’s Find Out

Most people are wondering about boult vs. boat. Which brand has variation in earphones with good quality? Unfortunately, if you ask any person familiar with the earphones brands, he might not tell you the difference between boult and boat earphones.

Boult and boat sound quite same may the reason some people though boult and boat are the same company, this is not correct, boult and boat are totally deferent from each other.

This article will compare these two brands’ products like earphones, headphones, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers and find out which brand has good product quality, build quality, budget-friendly, and good after-sale service. But first, lets me introduce you to boult and boat.

We’ve done a lot of research and testing to get this article just right,

Boult and boat are the same company?

About boult company

About boult company Logo

the boult audio company was established in 2017 which is based in Delhi, India. Yes, boult is an Indian company and own by Varun Gupta. The boult company that markets earphones, headphones, speakers. Boult audio products are known for their premium look and quality

the boult audio company designs, develop, and manufacture products from the very beginning. Some of the products are made in china, but some are also made in India.

Recently the famous Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal has become the brand ambassador of the boult company.

About boat company

About boat company Logo

the boat is an Indian-based consumer electronics brand established in 2015 that markets earphones, headphones, speakers, smartwatches, mobile accessories, grooming kits.

The boat is an Indian company, but most of their products are designed and developed in China, so most of the boat products are made in china.

On the 26th of may, boat launched boat rockerz 330, which become amazon’s bestseller within two days. That is crazy of boat products among Indian consumers. more than 48 cities in India have a boat service center available.

Boult vs Boat

boult has more colors to choose from than boats. Boult has various sound qualities in these earphones (it’s up to you), while boat only offers one type of good sound quality. Boult offers different types for every person whereas boat’s price is higher compared to boults’.

Boult Vs BoAt Wired Earphones:

Boult Vs BoAt Wired Earphones

In Earphones Category Boult And Boat Have Similar Quality But The Boult Product Is Affordable Than Boat In This Category So If You Want To Save Money, Boult Will Be Good Choice.

For The Comparison Of Boult Vs Boat wired earphones, Our Pick Is Boult Audio BassBuds Loop And Boat Bassheads 100, Both Products Are Amazon Best Sellers.

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop vs boat bassheads 100

SpecificationsBoult Audio BassBuds LoopBoAt Bassheads 100
DesignStylish Loop Design Hawk-Inspired Design
ComfortEarhook, In-earThey Fit Your Ears Without Any Problem. Very Much Comfortable For Wearing For A Longer Time.
Compatible DevicesAll 3.5mm Jack DeviceAll 3.5mm Jack Device
Cable SizeReinforced Kevlar- Tangle-Free Cord 1.2mmRegular Rounded Tangle-Free Cord 1.2mm
Product Dimensions/ Weight8 x 12 x 1.5 cm; 50 Grams120 X 0.1 X 0.2 Cm; 70 Grams
Headphone JackL shaped Connector For Study Grip Gold Plated 3.5mm Audio Jack
Microphone Form FactorBuilt-in Mic With Passive Noise Cancellation Built-In Microphone With Active Noise Cancellation
Colors AvailabilityBlack, Grey, WhiteBlack, White, Furious Red, Taffy Pink, Courageous Orange, Mint Green, Mint Purple
IPX RatingIPX 5
Price₹515 ₹379
Warranty1-Year Warranty1-Year Warranty

Sound Quality:

The Sound Quality Of The Branded Boult Wired Earphones Seems To Be Poor, And It Costs More So If You Want Good Quality Products With Affordable Price, Boat Will Be Your Best Choice.


In Wired Earphones Category, The Boat Product Is Better Than Boult As It Has More Durable Build Quality.

If You Want Comfortable In-Ear Experience Choose Boat As Their Sound Quality And Comfort Level Are Much Higher Compared To Boult.


Price is The Factor That You Should Consider If You Want To Buy Good Quality Earphones. In wired earphones, Category BoAt Has Better Quality Than Boult. But Boat Is a little More Expensive Than Boult in this category.

Boult Vs BoAt Headphones:

Boult Vs BoAt Headphones

Boult Headphones and BoAt headphones are two brands that produce a variety of wireless headsets. There is little to no difference in the quality between Boult and Boat, but there are some price differences.

For example, Boult’s cheapest model prices start at $50, while Boat offers theirs with an average cost of $60.

In addition, Boat offers a Bluetooth signal that can reach up to 150 feet which is significantly more than Boult’s 100-foot range.

When it comes down to the wire-free experience, BoAt headphones offer higher quality sound and are less susceptible to radio interference but the biggest difference between these.

For The Comparison Of Boult Vs Boat headphone Our Pick Is boult audio thunder vs boat rockerz 450, Both Products Are Amazon Best Sellers.

Features Boult Audio ThunderBoat Rockerz 450
Type On-EarOn-Ear
Sound Quality Extra punchy and deep bassPowerful Bass
Sound Drivers 40mm Drivers40mm Drivers
Dimensions /Weight16 x 19 x 6.5 cm; 200 Grams8 x 18.2 x 17.6 cm; 168 Grams
Battery Capacity 300mAh300mAh Lithium Polymer
Average battery Life 10 hrs15 Hours On Full Charge
Colors Availability Black/redAqua Blue, Hazel Beige, Luscious Black
Bluetooth Version v5.0v4.2
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices/10mm audio jack DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices with Bluetooth
Noise cancellationPassive Noise cancellationActive Noise cancellation
Warranty 1 Year1 Year
Price Check Price Check Price

Sound Quality:

Boult headphones offer higher quality sound than BoAt, but the difference is minimal.

The main reasons for this are that Boult has a more compact design and less interference from other things close to the user, like radios or cell phones. The wire-free experience of Boat headphones also offers superior sound due to their larger ear cups.


When it comes to the design of Boult headphones and BoAt headphones, there are a few differences between the two.

Boult offers a durable plastic material for ear cups, while Boat uses leather that is less likely to tear or wear down over time. In addition, Boult’s design includes an adjustable headband, lightweight construction, and compact size. In contrast, Boat’s design uses soft cushioning on the ears for more comfort and has a larger ear cup.


There is little to no difference in the quality between Boult and Boat, but there are some price differences.

For example, Boult’s cheapest model prices start at $50, while Boat offers theirs with an average cost of $60.

Boult Vs BoAt Airdopes

Boult Vs BoAt Airdopes

The Boult true wireless earbuds are much more affordable than the BoAt. They both have about the same battery life but given their lower price point and how close they perform in other areas, it’s clear that if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Boat (without sacrificing performance), then Boult is your best bet.

The BoAt true wireless earbuds are better for those who want a higher-quality product. The Boult is good enough if you’re looking to save some money and don’t care too much about sound quality or style, but the Boat will provide more features for less of an investment.

Comparison Of Boult Vs Boat Airdopes Our Pick Is boult audio airbass vs boat airdopes 402 , Both Products Are Amazon Best Sellers.

SpecificationsBoult Audio AirbassBoAt Airdopes 402
Headphone TypeIn-ear true wirelessIn-ear (True Wireless)
Bluetooth version V5.0V5.0 + EDR, HSP, a2DP, And AVRCP
Playback Time 8 Hours (Single Charge)up to 12 hours
HD SoundNoYes
Battery Type/CapacityLithium PolymerLithium Polymer 450mAh
Battery Charge Time2Hrs2Hrs
Standby Time48 hrs180hrs
Driver Size 9mmpowerful dynamic drivers 10mm, 2 Drivers
ModelAirBassTruebudsAirdopes 402 Wireless Earphones
IPX Rating IPX 7IPX 4
Sweat ProofYesYes
Colors Available Blue, Grey, RedDark Blue, White, Black, Rose Gold White
Price in India₹ 1,799.00 Buy on amazon₹2,999 Buy On Amazon
Warranty 1-Year Warranty1-year Warranty
(Physical Damages Not Covered in Warranty)

Sound Quality:

sound quality sound from the Boult earbuds sounds much better than the sound quality of boat true wireless earbuds.

– When it comes to bass sound, Boat has a stronger, more powerful sound than Boult earbuds.

– Boat has a slightly more balanced sound which isn’t too bassy or treble, but it does seem to be less crisp and loud than the sound from Boult wireless headphones.

The overall sound quality of Boat true wireless earbuds seems better than the sound quality of Boult wireless headphones,


Boult design and Boat design are both popular. However, Boult design is a better choice for you if, You want an earbud that’ll last longer than the average wireless headphone battery life. You prefer modern design over retro design or vice versa. The bass levels of these devices matter to you (Boult design has deeper bass levels)


there are not many differences between both products prices. The boat airdopes price starts from 1500 on the other hand boult airdopes cheapest model is available under 1500.

Boult Vs Boat Bluetooth Speakers

Boult Vs. Boat Bluetooth Speakers

Boult Bluetooth Speakers have been on the market for a while now, but boat speakers are still catching up. Boult is more affordable than Boat and has better sound quality, durability, and battery life. But Boat has a sleeker shape that might be preferable to some consumers.

Boat Bluetooth speakers are catching up to Boult. So, for now, Boult is the best option among Bluetooth speakers.

Comparison Of Boult Vs Boat bluetooth speaker, Our Pick Is boult audio unplug vs boat rugby, Both Products Are Amazon Best Sellers.

boult audio unplug vs boat rugby

SpecificationsBoult Audio UnplugBoat Rugby
Speaker Output12 Watts10 Watts
ConfigurationStereo Channel2.1 channel
Frequency Response200 Hz180 Hz
Bluetooth Version4.2 withA2DPv2.1
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Connector typeBluetooth/AuxBluetooth/Aux
Battery500 mAh1800 MAh
Playtime duration8hr8hr
Price ₹1,599₹ 1,649.00

Sound Quality:

The Boult’s have bass that can be heard and felt without distortion; the sound is obvious and crisp. The sound continues to come out nice even when the volume goes up on your phone or device.

I like the Boat Bluetooth Speakers much better for their price; they don’t distort and sound clear.


as compare to boult Bluetooth speaker boat Bluetooth speakers have better sound and better sound quality

Boat speakers have bigger sizes than Boult speakers. You can also use both of them based on the situation you are in or your needs. A boat speaker is more suitable when you want to amplify sounds outside, such as at a party where music is playing. Boult is the best for indoor activities because of its small size and portability

Boat Bluetooth speaker has more bass than boult Bluetooth speaker


Boult Bluetooth speakers are cheaper than boat Bluetooth speakers. However, both brands have strong and clear sound quality, similar to one another in performance.

However, those who want a better bass response from their speaker systems should go for the more expensive boat Bluetooth speakers.


After comparing boult and boat, there is not much difference between these two brands. Sometimes it depends on your need, comfort or maybe some personal demand. If your budget is low, the boat would be the best choice because it is affordable and rang with good build & sound quality. If you want premium quality looks, then go for boult earphones. Rather than this, if you have any questions or any confusion, then please comment section below.

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