boAt Rockerz 330 vs 335 Review

Boat Rockerz 330 Vs 335 Comparison | Price, Features, Specs

The detailed review of boat rockerz 330 vs 335, on 26th of may the boat launches boat rockerz 330 after three days of launch, these earphones become Amazon’s bestseller. All boat rockerz series earphones have bestsellers on Amazon, and this shows the crazy among youth for boat products. 

I brought these earphones on the launch day. After using and testing its features, I found some pros and cons, which we will discuss in this article. The look and design used for this neckband are the same as the boat rockerz 335, and they share some features. 

The tagline for this earphone is “fueled by sheer passion,” and boat claims these earphones have 30hrs of battery life. These neckbands support fast charging. Charge earphones for 10mins. You can use them for 10 hours.

The launch price for boat rockerz 330 is ₹ 1,299/- and comparing its features, the price is pretty good. When I heard about the price of the boat rockerz 330, the first thing that comes to mind is, the price is low, so maybe they compromise the product quality, but I think I’m wrong about it because these earphone’s design is pretty good there is no compromise product quality.

Features And Specifications Of boAt Rockerz 330 vs BoAt Rockerz 335

Key FeaturesBoat Rockerz 330Boat Rockerz 335
Headphone DesignBehind The NeckBehind The Neck
Headphone TypeIn-EarIn-Ear
Bluetooth versionV5.0V5.0
Wireless range10m10m
Deriver typeDynamic Dynamic
Deriver size10mm10mm
Impedance 16Ω16Ω
Frequency Respones 20HZ-20kHZ20HZ-20kHZ
Battery Capacity 150mAh150mAh
Playback Time upto-30 hours Upto-30 Hours
Charge Time 30-40 Mins40 Mins
Standby Time 24 hours 150 hours
IPX rating IPX5 IPX5
Warranty 1 Year1 Year
ColorsActive Black, Blazing Yellow,
Navy Blue, Raging Red,
Ocean Blue, Teal Green
Active Black, Blazing Yellow,
Navy Blue, Raging Red,
Ocean Blue, Teal Green
Model NumberRockerz 330Rockerz 335
Price in IndiaBuy On Amazon Buy On Amazon

boAt Rockerz 330 Review

Box Content Of boAt Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband

Following Is The List Of Things That Content In The Box:

  • boat rockerz 330 the product itself.
  • A USB Type C Charge cable
  • Two extra earmuffs (small & large)
  • warranty card
  • user manual

The product packaging is great, the box’s design is normal, and I got the product in good condition. On the box first, you will see branding for boat rockerz 330, and on the other side of the box, some instructions price some key features.

Key Features Of Boat Rockerz 330

Features Of Boat Rockerz 330 which is Launched on 26 May 2021
Key FeaturesBoat Rockerz 330
Headphone DesignBehind The Neck
Headphone TypeIn-Ear
Bluetooth versionV5.0
Wireless range10m
Deriver typeDynamic
Deriver size10mm
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency Respones 20HZ-20kHZ
Battery Capacity 150mAh
Playback Time upto-30 hours
Charge Time 30-40 Mins
Standby Time 24 hours
IPX rating IPX5
ColorActive Black, Blazing Yellow, Navy Blue,
Raging Red, Ocean Blue, Teal Green
Model NumberRockerz 335
Warranty 1 year
Price in IndiaCheck Price On Amazon

On the features side, a lot is going on. A year ago, you couldn’t imagine all these features at this price range. Still, the time has changed a lot now we get tons of features on this neckband earphone for the connectivity we have Bluetooth 5.0 on the devices although it doesn’t say on the box that it has fast paring it only took me four to five seconds to connect to my phone which is pretty quick I think.

Next, we get magnetic earbuds, but the thing missing here is auto turn on and off when you connect or disconnect two magnetic earbuds. This is a pretty common feature nowadays in these neckband earphones but is missing here.

The next feature we have is dual paring. This feature is used to connect two devices simultaneously. For example, you have your phone and laptop connected.

Now making this device charge faster, we have fast charged on the board. If you set this to charge for 10 minutes, you will get 10 hours of playtime. We will talk more about charging and playtime in a bit in this article.

We have an IPX rating as well here. We have IPX5, which means the earphones can withstand sweat and water splashes. Like all boat products, these earphones also come with a 1-year warranty Which you can claim from the Nearest boat service center.

Design And Build Quality Of boAt Rockerz 330

Design And Build Quality Of BoAt Rockerz 330

Boat use boat rockerz 335 design in boat rockerz 330 the design is same in both earphones. The material used in the boat rockerz 330 is premium silicone which pretty good for ruff use.

I really like the build of these earphones. They feel actually metal. Even the earbuds feel some metal. For control buttons, it has a metallic housing button and magnets on earbuds. Overall not many changes are made in the boat rockerz 330 design. 

On the neckband, you have three buttons: one is for the power button, which uses for paring your neckband with your device, and the other two buttons for volume. In boat rockerz 330 is actually a multifunction button that you can use for play/pause music.

The quick double press will dial the last called the number, and also pressing it and holding it will actually invoke google assistance.

Another good thing is you can control volume, but to skip tracks, you press and hold these buttons, which can be a little bit annoying because pressing once can be a better option. It also has a mic with that CVC technology.

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Connectivity Of Boat rockerz 330 

These neckbands have a Bluetooth version of 5 with dual connectivity support, which means you can connect two devices at an amazing time.

The best use case is I was using this earphone with my laptop watching something, and I got a call on the phone. It automatically pauses the media on the laptop, and I was able to talk to the person using the BlueTooth earphones on the call, so that was pretty good.

Also, the earphones automatically switch devices depending on where the media is playing, but it takes a few seconds. I say a slight delay, but its works pretty well.

Also, during my uses, I did not notice any drops in a connection, and the Bluetooth range is pretty standard, I would say, so I didn’t have any issue in terms of connectivity.

It also has a low latency mode, but you don’t have to switch it. It is by default on. I also play a game with it. There was very minimum lag, so games are playable, I would say.

Sound Quality of Boat Rockerz 330

Sound Quality Of Boat Rockerz 330

So for the sound quality boat, rockerz 330 has 10mm of drivers, which produce great sound just like any other boat earphones known for their booted bass This one does have excellent bass response better than boat rockerz 335.

If you love bass, then you’re going to fall in love with this one. It’s clean, it’s smooth every 808 glide bass guitar you will hear every single detail now for the other frequency I will say they are not very present, but listening to genres like hip hop, rap, or any other bass genre sound fantastic, and comparing this with the boat rockerz 255 for a second 335 has a better bass response 255 has some mud in that.

Still, this one is smooth and clean carry on the top its supports for the aptx and apdx HD, and for the loudness, I would say there are very loud and even complaining of the loudness of these would be either deaf or have some ton of wax in his ears for me 50% of the volume is more than loud enough.

If you don’t like the boosted bass and want to listen to a mixed variety of genres like me, then oppo m31, one pulse bullets wireless, would be a better choice.

Comfort and Fitting Of Boat Rockerz 330 

Comfort and Fitting these is the most important part when picking any types of headphones or earphones because you want to buy something that uncomfortable or doesn’t securely fit into your ears, so in that respect, the good thing is that boat rockerz 330 are pretty comfortable. I can easily wear them all day long without any pain.

On the fitting side, they are amazing as they have ear hook on earphones. They stay glued to your ears, and you can easily take them with your workout or running sections.

Battery Life Of boAt Rockerz 330

Battery Life Of BoAt Rockerz 330

When it comes to battery life on the rockerz, we get 481036 Lithium-ion batteries which take 40min to full charge. Yes, like boat rockerz 335, boat rockerz also supports fast charging. After that, you suppose to get around 30hours of playback.

In my testing, I got around 28 hours of battery backup, which is insane for me. I would charge this once in three days.

So for anyone for whom battery is a major concern in the neckband earphone, they should definitely go with boat rockerz 330.

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Final Verdict on boat Rockerz 330

The launch price for boat rockerz 330 is ₹ 1,299/- which is decent for any neckband earphone. For the price, these are some of the best neckband earphones that you can pick right now.

If you’re looking for a neckband earphone with amazing battery life, tons of features, and enjoying some bass-heavy song, then you should definitely go with the Boat Rockerz 335.

Have any questions? Then feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading.

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    Hi, myself Ashish I wanted to buy an earphone, I am confused between boat 335 and 330 my priority is a balanced sound, I don’t like bass too much I listen sufi and soothing songs mostly, Kindly give your suggestion… Which one to pick 335 or 330 ?

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