Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225 Vs 220

Boat Bassheads 225 Vs 220 Vs 100, Specifications Compared

If you are looking for an affordable pair of earphones, chances are you come across these boAt bassheads 100, 225, 220.

Have you ever wonder why boAt gaining so much popularity among youth? The answer is boAt built quality with a low price range and stylish design. The boAt bassheads series is very famous in the low price range.

In this article, we are going to compare Boat Bassheads 100 vs. Boat Bassheads 225 Vs. Boat Bassheads 220. According to Their Features Like Designed, sound quality, Compatible Devices, Warranty, And Some Other Features, we will compare these earphones. And help you to find which one you should buy.

The boat bassheads series earphones are a bestseller in the market and online on Amazon and Flipkart. Now you can understand the popularity of these earphones among Indian people.

Specifications Compared boat bassheads 225 vs 220

SpecificationsboAt Bassheads 225boAt Bassheads 220
DesignHigh-Quality Metallic Finish Flatwire Polished Metal
Sound Quality Too Much Bass Super Bass
ComfortVery Much Comfortable Great For Outdoor Activities
Compatible DevicesAll 3.5mm Jack deviceAll 3.5mm Jack device
Cable size1.2 m Flat Wire tangle free1.2 M Flat Wire Tangle Free
Sweatproof YesNo
Product Dimensions/ Weight120 x 1 x 1 cm; 18 Grams120 x 1 x 1 cm; 18 Grams
Headphone JackL-Shape 3.5 Mm Headphone Jack, Gold PlatedL-Shape 3.5 Mm Headphone Jack, Gold Plated
Microphone Form FactorWith microphoneWith microphone
Active Noise CancellationNo Noise CancellationNo Noise Cancellation
Colors Availability Black, Blue, Forest Green, Frosty White, Molten Orange, Neon Lime, RedBlack, Blue, Forest Green, Frosty White, Molten Orange, Neon Lime, Red
PriceCheck Price On AmazonCheck Price On Amazon
Warranty 1-year warranty 1-Year Warranty

Boat Bassheads 225 Review

These earphones from the boAt Bassheads 225. They have 1,50,000 plus reviews on Amazon.1,50,000 plus reviews for these five hundred rupees, but the main question is: is it worth spending Rs 500 now on these earphones, and should you buy these earphones? Well, let’s find out.

Inside the box first, you get the warranty card, and you get the earphones which look really nice and lastly, you get five pair of your tip so you can use the ones which pick you well and with the ear tip you also get the clip to attach to the shirt and a pair of your fringe to keep the earplugs in your securing.

The earphones look really good in red color, and no way they look cheap in terms of build quality. Your plug’s housing is made out of metal, and the portion where the wire split also has your metal casing, and even the L-shape 3.5 mm headphone jack is gold plated here overall well built for the price of Rs,500.

The cable here is also tangle-free, which is a huge time saver overall; I am thrilled with the build quality and the looks of this earphone in terms of comfort. They are not the best as you don’t get an angular design or anything, plus the earplugs are made out of metal, so if sitting in an air-conditioned environment, then the metal will get cold, and you will feel that in your ears.

Overall in terms of comfort, I will rate at seven points out of ten. Also, this earphone comes with a microphone present on the wire, and you can use it to take calls or play games like PUBG.

So finally, let’s talk about the sound quality as mentioned in the box. Boat Bassheads 225 Gives An Output Of Punchy Deep Bass. The base here is definitely extra, so much so that people who love bass will like this earphone, but in my honest opinion, these earphones lack clarity mids or vocals is just average, and the table is not that great.

So if you are someone who likes to listen to EDM music or music that involves space too much bass and you want too much bass, then this earphone is put for you. I mean you will like it.

These earphones, but if your someone who likes to listen to music that involves vocals lot of vocals like Arijit Singh songs or A R Rahman Songs and instruments also then I would suggest that these earphones are okay going with Boat Bassheads 225, which are price similarly they look slightly premium they are slightly premium in terms of build quality. I like the sound quality of those earphones more than this one and personally like those kinds of earphones. I wouldn’t say I like too much of these.

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Here Is A Detailed Review Video Of Boat Bassheads 225

Difference Between Boat Bassheads 220 And 225

So what is the difference between boat bassheads 225 and boat bassheads 220? First of all, let us see what the difference is, okay, so that is not much of a difference between the same earphone; all right, probably boat bassheads 225 is a special edition one; it sounds and feels the same. There is not much of a difference?

There is almost not much difference between these two headphones. In fact, Flipkart sells boat bassheads with boat bassheads 220, and amazon uses boat bassheads 225 to sell these headphones online.

Audio clarity, so these earphones are actually, you know, bass-heavy, so it’s pretty good, and I would say this is one of the best earphones you buy under Rs,1000. well, there is a downside to it. The problem is that the vocal of these earphones is not as good as it’s supposed to be, but then it’s not that bad. If the bass is about, you know, 60% and the vocals are around 40%, so once you go ahead and listen to it, you know for a couple of things to actually go ahead and get used to it pretty good.

So there are no earphones you know if you have Rs,1000 budget. And if you asked me to go ahead and buy earphones, I would probably buy the boat bassheads 220 over 225.

So it pretty good and the clarity right now, so it got an inbuilt mic, and there’s nothing much to say about just like normal earphones, so the call clarity is pretty good in both headphones. I also review and compare the boat rockerz series in case you want to know about them.

You can hear the other person was actually talking. One more thing I actually wanted to talk about was this is my friend actually has a boat rockerz 230, so he had some issue with that, and he’s like he went ahead and wrote to them and that they actually fix the issue you know within three days so which just pretty good so you don’t have to worry the surface is pretty good that’s what I have thought.

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Boat Bassheads 225
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Boat Bassheads 220

Here Is A Detailed Review Video Of Boat Bassheads 220 And 225

Boat Bassheads 100 Review 

SpecificationsBoAt Bassheads 100
DesignHawk-Inspired Design
ComfortThey Fit Your Ears Without Any Problem. Very Much Comfortable For Wearing For A Longer Time.
Compatible DevicesAll 3.5mm Jack Device
Cable SizeRegular Rounded Tangle-Free Cord 1.2mm
Product Dimensions/ Weight120 X 0.1 X 0.2 Cm; 70 Grams
Headphone JackGold Plated 3.5mm Audio Jack
Microphone Form FactorBuilt-In Microphone With Active Noise Cancellation
Colors AvailabilityBlack, White, Furious Red, Taffy Pink, Courageous Orange, Mint Green, Mint Orange, Mint Purple, Vibrant Green, White Purity
PriceBoat Bassheads 100: ₹379
Warranty1-Year Warranty

Boat Bassheads 100 with super extra bass earphones well is these super extra bass tag really justified let’s find out in this review. So in the box, you will get a boAt warranty information card because this earphone has one year warranty. You also get Additional earbuds and a carry pouch.

The built quality of these earphones after holding in hands for the first time, I notice that the wire is not flat this time, unlike boAt bassheads 225, which can be a disappointment if you are too concerned about tangles.

These earphones are available in ten colors, as you can see in the picture above. The length of the wire is good enough, which is 1.2 meters longer, and the quality seems pretty decent.

We also get a microphone on cable and have a button to manage calls and play and pause music you listen to. But unfortunately, the whole architecture of these earphones is made of plastic which may and may not be a good thing. The part which goes inside of the ears has this stylish hawk-inspired design that looks really cool, in my opinion.

Considering the price Rs,500, oh yes, these earphones price between 500 to 700 depending upon if any discount or sale is going on you can get this as low as Rs,350 to Rs,400. The built quality is really decent at that price, but I would love to see some metal used here.

The comfortability of these earphones will impress you because they fit your ears without any problem. With default ear tips, you can, of course, change earbuds as per your ear size. They do not come out moving your head.

Talking about sound quality and extra bass, now what if I tell you it does have an excellent and punchy

bass that does not muddle with vocals at all? Well, yes, that’s exactly the case with these earphones. This bass is exactly what it should be, which is very good as it can be enjoyed by not only basshead but also by regular listeners.

Interestingly, the separation between mids and highs is also great and pretty acceptable for rupees 500. definitely, with regards to mids and highs and even vocals, bass heads 100 sounds much better than bassheads 225.

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Here Is A Detailed Review Video Of Boat Bassheads 100

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F&Qs About Boat Bassheads 225 vs 220

Which one is better boAt 220 or 225?

Both 220 and 225 share the same features like design, build quality. Something that they don’t share is price and sound quality. Boat 225 has a better sound quality; these earphones give the user a punchy deep bass sound quality.

Is boAt bassheads 225 good?

These earphones have a worth of money design, build quality, and sound quality. If your bass lover then these earphones are great choice for you.

What is 220 in boAt bassheads?


These are the in-ear earphone by boat, boats use bassheads as a series of earphones, and the 220 is the earphone model number. The most popular number for this series is bassheads 100, and bassheads 225.

Are 220 and 225 boats the same?

Don’t Get confused between boat bassheads 220 and 225. Flipkart Sells Boat Bassheads With Boat Bassheads 220, And Amazon Uses Boat Bassheads 225 To Sell These Headphones Online. although their features are the same, boat bassheads 225 have batter and punchy bass quality of sound


If you read the comparison between Boat bassheads 100 vs 220 vs 225, you will know which pairs of headphones will suit you.

Besides that, it also depended on what type of listener you are and the budget you have. If you are a regular listener, then I suggest you buy boat bassheads 100 because it is sound clarity and low price.

all three boat bassheads headphones come with 1 warranty. you can claim a boat warranty at your nearest service center.

If your bass lover, you probably should go with boat bassheads 220 or 225, which is pretty good bass and can fulfill your hunger for bass. If you have any questions regarding this earphone, please use the comment box to let me know.

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