Boat Airdopes 402 Review

Boat Airdopes 402 Review | Pros & Cons, Features, Price 2023

Are You Tracking for cheap earbuds? Well, boat airdopes 402 might be the perfect choice for you. So here is Boat Airdopes 402 Review. Boat brands satisfying their customer with the built and sound quality of the product at an affordable price range.

This boat airdopes 402, was first launched in June 2020 on Flipkart but now there also available on amazon. So boAt Airdopes 402 worth buying? Let’s find out. First, we will do a basic overview. Let’s see how the sound quality, bass quality, build quality, call quality; apart from this, I will share some positive and negative points that I experience using for a month.

boAts earphones and headphones are ruling the market as well as on the Flipkart and Amazon bestseller list. If you check the bestseller list of Amazon and Flipkart, you will be surprised because boAt products are dominating the list. So far, boAt launched many different types of headphones and earphones with an affordable price range.

boAt Headphones series like boat rockerz, boAt Airdopes, boat bassheads. These headphones are dominating the market. Ever wonder why? Because of the build quality and sound quality of the product.

If your hunting earphones under 2000, maybe you come across some other earphones from the boAt like boAt Airdopes 381, which are good and share the same features. So later in this article, I will compare Boat Airdopes 402 and Boat Airdopes 381.

Boat Airdopes 402 Review

Following, you will find some key features and a detailed review with pros and cons.

Box Content of BoAt Airdopes 402 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The box comes in a compact package. On the front side, you will see a product name and tagline of the earphone which is ” ENERGIZE YOUR SENSES.” on the side of the box has a price of Rs 5,999, but you can get these earbuds for 1800 other than that it also has a barcode and some branding overall pretty good packaging of the product by boAt.

Following is the list of things that content in the box:

  • the box will be getting the case of the earbuds plus airdopes itself separately.
  • Once you take the case and airdopes out, you will find another small box that contains the USB charging cable, which you can use to charge your Bluetooth earphones.
  • Warranty card which is for one year which you can claim on boat service center near you.
  • Some extra earcups come in small, large, medium sizes so you can choose according to your comfort.
  • Some portfolio plats, user manual, and other branding stuff.

Main Product 

For the body material used in these earphones is plastic. The case is made of plastic, and the size of the case is big, in my opinion. On the fort side of the case, there is some branding, and behind, you will see a charging port, and just a little upper side, you see four LED lights that indicate the charge level of the case that is the pulse point.

I must say they have given the premium of the product at this range which is pretty good, and inside of the case, you will be able to insert the airdopes and charge it. They have given good boxing. I must say overall good package they give at this price range.

Come to the airdopes itself. They have given the good quality and lightweight airdopes and good and premium product considering the price range. They have given captive touch controls as well to access all the features through airdopes itself.

The connectivity of these airdopes is too fast, which will impress you once you pair these earbuds with your devices. It late less than 2 sec to connect with the device.

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Specification Of  boAt Airdopes 402

Specification Of  BoAt Airdopes 402

Some Key Features and Specification Of boAt Airdopes 402.

SpecificationsBoAt Airdopes 402
Headphone TypeIn-ear (True Wireless)
Bluetooth version V5.0 + EDR, HSP, a2DP, And AVRCP
Playback Time up to 12 hours
HD SoundYes
Battery Type/CapacityLithium Polymer 450mAh
Battery Charge Time2Hrs
Standby Time180hrs
Driver Size powerful dynamic drivers 10mm, 2 Drivers
Wireless range10 meter
ModelAirdopes 402 Wireless Earphones
IPX Rating IPX 4
Sweat ProofYes
Colors Available Dark Blue, White, Black, Rose Gold White
Launch Date In IndiaLaunched In June 2020 On Flipkart
Price in India₹2,999 Buy On Amazon
Warranty 1-year Warranty
(Physical Damages Not Covered in Warranty)

boAt airdopes 402 are In-Ear types of earphones with a Bluetooth version of 5.0  pulse EDR, HSP, A2DP, And AVRCP. The battery life of airdopes is pretty good. It can run 4 hours, and you can use the case for charge 3 times more which means a total of almost 12 hours of playtime, which is pretty good.

The sound quality of boAt Airdopes 402 is pretty good, good bass all thank for the 10mm dynamic drivers. Talking about the comfort of these airdopes they are very comfortable. They will not fall out if you’re wearing them during your workout. after using them for 3 to 4 hours they start to bother me on the ears.

If you are wearing airdopes 402 outdoor or during a workout, you will sweat a little bit that can damage earbuds, but don’t worry about the airdopes with the IPX4 Sweat & water shield feature. But not good as compare to boat airdopes 381 because they have IPX5: Water and Sweat Resistant. Forgive you hand-free experience boat airdopes 402 have an Instant voice assistant feature.

I have to say boat h has given lots of good features at this price range Rs 1,800 compared to other earbuds available in the market.

Captive Touch Controls

Captive Touch Controls

earbuds have become a fashion. People are quite like these in-ear earbuds too cool and that you will feel very cool after wearing airfdopes 402. What I like most about these earbuds the captive touch controls, which are located on the backside of airdopes.

Which gives you the freedom to control airdopes without making any contact with the phone. Which makes them different from other earbuds out there. If you’re watching a movie with these earbuds, you may get disturbed because if you try to adjust these earbuds, you accidentally touch controls that can bother you. You can access all features like play/pause song, answer/reject calls, next track/previous track, directly through the earbuds that are the good thing. So how do the captive touch controls really work?

following are some features you can control by touching the captive touch control:

  • touch once for Play and pause music your listing
  • double-tap rapidly can change music
  • touch one to answer the calls
  •  touch long to activate instant voice assistant

Sound Quality Of Boat Airdopes 402

Sound Quality Of Boat Airdopes 402

The powerful 10mm dynamic drivers of boAt Airdopes 402 offer immersive audio bass. They have given decent and good bass, considering the price range; According to me, the sound is loud, so that you may feel some distortion in the audio.

I recommend you should use 70% to 80% of the volume to avoid distortion problems. These earbuds come with the extra pair of ear cups I suggest you should find your size so they fit perfectly to your ears. lose earcups may affect sound quality.

Calling Sound Quality 

Boat airdopes 402 doesn’t have a noise-canceling feature which made these earbuds not so friendly for outdoor use, but still, when I use these earbuds outdoor, the call quality is not bad either. the other person on the call can hear you even in loud public places.

Latency In Sound

To be honest, I don’t like wireless headphones for gaming reasons? latency, I play online games like Pubg, Free Fire where speed is everything, so the latency in sound can become the reason for defeat. talking about boat airdopes 402 there is latency let’s say for 1 sec.

but still, I suggest you should use wired earphones for a better experience.

Boat Airdopes 402 charging case (Battery Life)

boat says it can run up to 4 hours, but when I use it with 100% of the volume it consumes more battery so with full charge I’m able to use these earbuds for 3 hours. if you reduce the sound volume to 70,75% then you can use these earbuds for 3.5hrs. the more the volume the fast the Battery drain.

the charging case of boat air dopes 402 capacity is 450mah battery which you can use three time to charge the airdopes which add 12hours Extra battery life.

Water Resistant in boAt airdopes 402

Water Resistant In BoAt Airdopes 402

The special feature of boat airdopes 402 there is water and Sweat Proof. these earbuds have an IPX rating of 4 which is pretty good but not good as airdopes 381 which has an IPX rating 5.

Take caution before putting earbuds in the charging case. Make sure you wipe out water from earbuds. The water can damage the charging case. Earbuds are waterproof, not charge case.

Is boAt Airdopes 402 better than 381?

BoAt Airdopes 402 vs 381

boAt Airdopes 381, the other true earbuds from the boAt airdopes series. so are airdopes 402 better than 381 will these two shares some features like battery life, Bluetooth version, and there are some differences too as you can see in the specification table below.

SpecificationsBoAt Airdopes 402BoAt Airdopes 381
Headphone TypeIn-ear (True Wireless)In-Ear (True Wireless)
Bluetooth version V5.0 + EDR, HSP, a2DP, And AVRCPV5.0 + EDR
Playback Time up to 12 hoursup to 12 hours
Battery Capacity3.7V,45mAh×250mAh×2
Charge Time2Hrs2Hrs
Standby Time180hrs24hrs
Driver Size powerful dynamic drivers 10mm, 2 Drivers7mm×2 Drivers
Wireless range10 meter 10 meter
ModelAirdopes 402 Wireless EarphonesAirdopes 381
IPX Rating IPX 4IPX 5
Sweat ProofYesYes
Colors Available Dark Blue, White, Black, Rose Gold WhiteMedium Spring Green, Yellow,
Dark Blue, Black, Green, Dim Grey, Pink, Light Blue, Light sea Green,
Launch Date In IndiaLaunched In June 2020 On Flipkart
Price in IndiaBuy On AmazonBuy On Amazon
Warranty 1-year Warranty
(Physical Damages Not Covered in Warranty)
1 Year Warranty from the Date of Purchase


How To On Boat Airdopes 402

On the boat airdopes 402, you have to press and hold the Multifunction Button for 2 seconds until the indicator begins to flash red and blue alternatively, know your boat airdopes are ready to pair.

How To Connect Boat Airdopes 402

Take the earbuds out of the case, press, and hold the multifunction button for some seconds until the light turns on red. Then you can pair your earbuds with your device. This same process you can use if you face a pairing problem.

how to charge boat airdopes 402

Unlike other wireless headphone charging processes, earbuds use a charging case. You just put the earbuds in the case and close the cap of a case. Then it will automatically start charging.

How To Reset Boat Airdopes 402

Press, And Hold The Multifunction Button For 8 Seconds Until The Light Turns On Red. your earbuds are rest, so before paring to an existing device, make sure you Forgot (unpair) from that device to complete rest process

Does boAt 402 have Type C?

Yes, Boat airdopes does have a type c charging port on the charging case, which you can use to charge the case with a regular type c cable.


The boat airdopes 402 is worth buying. Overall, the products’ build quality, sound quality, price, and other features are pretty good. The feature boat airdopes 402 has does not have in this price range.

If your budget is under 2,000, then you can go with boat airdopes 402. all products have some good and bad features too so I suggest you have a good budget then go for boat airdopes 381 which have some extra feature than boat airdopes 402.

Want me to compare Boat Airdopes 402 vs. Boat Airdopes 381? please let me know in the comment section below.

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