Boat 242 Earphones Review

Boat 242 Earphones Review | Price, Features, Specs

earphones with amazing sound quality and Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz also IPX 4 Water and Sweat Resistance yes we are talking about boat bassheads 242 earphones. so we are going to review these earphones after using them for a month.

Boat 242 Earphones Review, we are going to guide you through the features it comes with a secure fit and it has an ipx4 rating so it is a water-resistant one. the price for these earphones is depended on the color you choose. these earphones will cost you between 600 to 700. so let’s get started with in-box contains.


boat bassheads 242 earphones review

In-Box Contents

In-Box Contents

the black rectangle shape packaging of the headphone comes and it is almost similar to the previous bassheads series at the front portion you can see the boat branding KLRahul in this one with the tagline get your sport on and basic features, you get a cable clip with this one so basically it’s a clip you can mount and you also get a free carry pouch so that’s a good one and basic details once again you can see the controller and 3.5 mm jack at the back side and nothing much.

so, as usual, you get boat stickers and a carry pouch so this is a nice pouch. this pouch is nice as compared to the previous ones so yes I like this one, warranty card you get rubber buds, and what else you get a booklet.

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Specification of Boat bassheads 242 earphones 

Specifications Boat bassheads 242
Headphone Type In-Ear
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity (dB) 101db ±3db
Audio Drivers 10mm
In-Line Mic  Yes
Sound Quality Super Bass
Sweatproof Yes
Noise Cancellation Yes
Colors Availability Active Black, Blue, Carbon Black, Neon Black, Orange, Red, Spirit Lime
Price Check Price On Amazon
Warranty 1-year warranty


Bassheads 242 Earphones Built Quality 

Boat 242 Earphones Review

and here we come with the headphones now, the quality of this one feels good and here you can see clip so looking at this clip you know it gives me a feeling of old generation Nokia phones like they’re in that also we used to get these kinds of the clip with their headphones earphones whatever so yeah that’s that’s pretty much it about.

lets quickly guide you through the build quality so basically it’s a plastic build, not magnetic no magnets so it comes with a rubberized texture wire you can see in the image it is a braided cable basically nice cable the quality is very nice and you get a controller on the right-hand side I guess yes on you get a controller on the right earphone and it has a volume control also in this one in the previous bass series there was just a controller with a single button.

but in this one, you get the option of the volume control as well which is a nice thing you get one control button and that’s pretty much it wire is pretty good the quality of this wire is very nice we must say it is a braided wire so there won’t be any flex or you know there won’t be any problem if you even stretch the wire, basically it’s a tangle-free wire because the quality is very good the wire is thick and it’s kind of rubberized on the top the wire is braided from inside but uh as I can see at the top it is I think it’s it’s rubberized only on nylon and you get a straight 3.5 mm jack with a boat branding nice texture we would say the quality is very nice.

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Sound Quality  

Sound Quality boat bassheads 242

so you might be knowing how we test the sound we listen to two songs one is a bass-heavy song and the other will be a normal song so we will check how the bass quality is how the audio quality is how are the vocal textures, how the vocal quality is and what is the overall audio quality we are getting from this headphone.

the bass-heavy song first so while listening to the song at 50% volume the sound was pretty decent volume and after increasing the volume to 100% it was a nice and smooth sound with no issues with heavy bass songs. 

the normal bass song, so while listening to the sound quality as usual 50% volume level pretty decent audio quality and after increase the volume to 100% still no complaints, We think it has a very good quality of sound.

yes, the bass was good and the volume levels at 50%  it was nice we must say as compared to the previous bassheads series or the previous models at 50% this gives you a pretty good amount of volume level and when you increased it to 100% no doubt it was sounding very good audio quality is nice bass was punchy bass was nice as compared to the previous models and fit was very nice no doubt about it.

the overall audio output from these headphones is very nice very decent we loved it.


Comfort and Fitting

Comfort and Fitting

it’s good it’s lightweight so you won’t feel anything at the start and after wearing these headphones for a long time we found there won’t be an issue because we are not able to feel any you know weight of these headphones very lightweight.

there are a few quick things we just want to tell you it also comes with the left and right symbol so you will be able to identify which one is for left and which one is for right.

it comes with a secure fit there is angular you know these headphones are not straight these are angular builds, so much it will be quite handy will be, we don’t found there won’t be any issue in terms of fitting as it also comes with this rubberized texture rubber your ear tips only so yeah and it is adjustable so you can just you know adjust however you want and you can just wear it.


Additional Features

Additional Features

features like ipx4 rating certified so you will not face any problem even if it gets wet, it is Water and Sweat Resistance. you also have an assistant option so using the control button you can use it for voice control as well as a voice assistant. 

the boat bassheads 242 has a special feature of noise cancellation, which works pretty well, we tested the call quality of these earphones by using them in a crowded and noisy place, and there was no interference from surrounding sound overall call quality was good.

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after using these earphones for almost a month we found these earphones worth money. if you have a budget of around 600 to 700 then just go with a boat bassheads 242 earphones. that’s all for this review if you enjoy reading this article please take the time and comment down below. thank you:)

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